Mt. Vinson Documentary and some news.

Hello all !

Things are good here in Iceland. Summer has been busy with all kinds of adventures and I must say that I´m high on life after good season of mt. biking, climbing mountains and some good hiking tours.

After few weeks I´ll take on to my next big adventure in the Himalayas but I´ll be climbing Cho Oyu with my friend Atli. I look forward to that and to take on to this challenge. We are planning the expedition our selfs and the goal is to reach the summit with out any support.  It´s also important for me to go back on a big mountain after what happened on Everest last season. I often think about the accident and the families involved. I hope that I´ll find what I lost on Everest and I´m going to retrieve my climbing mojo.

At last I wanted to share this video with you guys. It´s a short documentary from Mt. Vinson last season. It´s made by the videographer Ed Horne and who was in the same expedition as I. He filmed the whole thing and it brings back good memories from the country that I love so much. Our climbing team was great and here you can see what we experienced:





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